Will You Go Move Kaka?

Will Zinedin Zidane's record transfer be solved by Kaka? Manchester City has received permission to negotiate directly with the Brazilian player, Kaka. So decision was in kaka's hand rigth now.

In the previous chance, kaka declared that He was happy at Milan and wants to be the Rossoneri captain furthermore and He was even also consider that money not everything for him. will He consistent with his opinion?

For kaka, play at board clubs on Europe even also principal place at starting eleven is guaranteed one post for him. And would be guaranted if kaka decide to move to Manchester City, the citizen will play at the Champion League in season coming?

Other story with Chelsea, at the time of Roman Abramovich take over the club. Bot merely one or two players top imported, all sectors is fixed from internal team (players, coach) even until manajerial sector even also fixed, and the result even also so real.

It was naturaly if the Rossoneri fans got protest. They want to see kaka would be longer with them as they see Milan captain Paolo Maldini. kaka had been apart of them. As wil as theres no one can replace for the Brazilian palyer, kaka. AC Milan's Vice President, Adriano Galliani even also can not sleep soundly think this matter.

"This club and its owner deserve respect and love from the fans." Adriano Galliani's words after the dispute last night by the Rossoneri supporters. "I do not know what Kaka will do, but I slept badly last night. I feel the same way as the supporters - said Galliani to Radio Monte Carlo - but, being a manager of AC Milan, I have to be pragmatic. We'll see what happens. There is absolutely nothing signed, neither by us nor by the player, who belongs to AC Milan. But I am not able to make a prediction. Kaka has done so much in these years, he is a great champion who has won everything, but I find it difficult to understand the supporters protest against the ownership who bought AC Milan when it was at right of bankruptcy and took it to the top of the world.

He also added "There are no replacements for Kaka. He is unique. If he leaves, we will remain as we are. "

David Beckham commenting about Kaka after the match against Fiorentina,
“On the Kaka issue everyone wants to know; we want him to stay. However, he’s an adult man who must take his own decisions. He loves this city, so let’s see what he will decide. He’s one of the greatest players in the world, every club wants him, but the decision depends on him. It’s not a matter of money, because football is passion and every player enjoys playing for an important club and with important players.”


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