Maldini: I have already won five times

Mourinho is Mourinho...He would say anything what He wants to. And now he got a counter attack by AC Milan captain Paolo Maldini.
AC Milan defender Paolo Maldini has responded angrily to Inter Milan coach Jose Mourinho's claims that the Rossoneri win will nothing this season.

"It doesn't matter that Milan have so many players with a winning mentality, this season they will finish with no trophies," Mourinho said after the Coppa Italia clash with Sampdoria.

The veteran defender is eager to remind the Inter coach that he is yet to win a single Scudetto, when Maldini already has five.

"I don't want to trade insults with Mourinho, but he really can't make these claims until he wins something for Inter himself.

"As far as I know, he is discussing something which he has a chance of winning, but which I have already won five times."

Actually there is positive mark behind Mourinho's claimed. That is a big chalenge for Milan to prove that Inter Milan is not better than Milan. Milan have to perform their class - get a winning in every Milan matches to save their position in third table until end season is as Milan objective in short term and get the Champion League trophy for the next season is as the long term.

I believe if Milan could prove it, the Rossoneri could shut Mourinho's mouth up.
Come on you can do it...Bravo Milan!


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