The president of Napoli already apologized to Galliani

The president of Napoli, Aurelio De Laurentiis felt that he was mortified and already apologized to Galliani.

"I am mortified by what happened last night and I already apologized to Galliani. The club and the city of Naples are not represented by 50 people, our five million supporters do not identify with this uncivil act".

AC Milan chief executive Adriano Galliani received a scare upon exiting the stadium when his car was attacked by Napoli fans after Sunday's 0-0 draw.

Fans sliced open the tires of the car and pounded the vehicle with kicks and punches.

While Napoli coach Roberto Donadoni also criticize the aggression. "It's something that hurts. It's too bad. The aggression was not a positive thing and it didn't show civility." His said at Castello di Brianza.


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