The right formation and give a positive sign

"We must prepare the game of tomorrow against Sampdoria well, trying to make an extra effort to put on the field the right formation and give a positive sign." AC Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti declared during the press conference on the eve of Sampdoria-Milan.

Milan seem in the dificulties moment right now. The big pressure was they felt is too weigt either from the fans and their owner an also missing the fundamental player like Kaka and Ronaldinho.

As reportedly Kaka and Ronaldinho are still unavailable, and there is possibilty they would be on the pitch for next Sunday. Ambrosini just joined them and for Seedorf Milan still have a bit of hope.

Sampdoria also were eliminated from The UEFA cup but they are a team who had good performances. They signed Pazzini during the January transfer window and then they have Cassano, two young Samdoria player who shall make Milan deffender have to hard work for anticipate them.

"It’s a delicate moment which must be overcome quickly, proving to have strength and character." Ancelotti added.

He will also evaluate the defence, whereas in attack the doubt is between Inzaghi and Shevchenko.
Senderos is fine. Against Werder Bremen he proved great quality. He managed to overcome many injuries and now he’s finding continuity.
Pato is an important weapon for this team. He’s very fine and has found very good condition. The absence of Gattuso is being felt especially when the team is in difficulty.


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