With heart and passion

"I have motivations, I will put in heart and passion and start all over again". Christian Abbiati spoke exclusively for Milan Chanel on Thursday.

Abbiati will have to miss the rest of the season due to this injury following a clash with a team-mate (Gianluca Favalli) in the first half of the match against Siena which the Rossoneri won 5-1.

"I’m a person who believes a lot in destiny and therefore I must say that it had to happen."

At 32 years of his age Abbiati was quite lucky because he never suffered serious injuries and this was his first one. At first he just thought that it was a knock to his tibia, but then he felt pain to his knee.

While the Rossoneri have Nelson Dida, Zeljko Kalac, Marco Storari and Ferdinand Coppola all on the books. And there was a possibility Dida would replace Abbiati's place for the next Milan match.

"I saw him really motivated. He has a great passion and proved this throughout the entire year, always training well.”

"I wanted to thank everyone because I did not reply to the phone or the messages in the past two days, because I wanted to stay in tranquillity. I thank all of my friends, team-mates and colleagues who have been close to me, proving all of their affection."

"For the league we must not look at other teams, but just think about ourselves. We go forward, preparing a game at a time. Now there’s Napoli, then there will be the break and then we go forward." His answered when asked about the team.


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