Kaladze: There is no football without injuries

AC Milan Georgian defender Khakaber Kaladze is in a good condition right now. And he hopes to be ready on the pitch with the team as soon as possible.

According to AC Milan official website published on Thursday, the Georgian defender told that; "There is no football without injuries, ít's part of the game..."

There is one important message by his declaration and certainly to the footballers; "The important thing, when you fall, is how you stand up again. And when you rise up again you become stronger."

The defender who has number shirt 4 was so happy to become a part of Milan. He felt in this club which is like a family, eveyone helped each other.

The 31 year old defender believed the Rossoneri would partipate for the next Champion League qualification and try to win the trophy.

"We believe in the Champions League, we want to return to Europe, try to win this trophy once again and go all the way."

The rumours about his teammate Kaka who will leave Milan to Real Madrid he tought these rumours exist only to sell papers and admired his teammate did very well to say no to such an offer.

"Kaka did very well to say no to such an offer, life isn't just about money. That's why I also appreciate him as a man."

And also at this chance Kaladze gave his apreciations to the coach Carlo Ancelotti and his Senior defender Paolo Maldini;

"I think he is a great coach, for everything he has done with Milan." Continued Kaladze on Paolo Maldini - "It's difficult to imagine a Milan team without him. The thing that counts is that he stops as a great champion, even though for me he could go on another year, considering how he plays. What he has done is incredible, he is a legend of Milan and world football."


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