Ronaldinho's feeling

On his new blog, ronaldinhogaucho.com/blog/, Ronnie talked about the feeling he had before the match against Lecce:

"I was motivated and I wanted Milan to get the victory. When I came on the pitch, I don't know how to explain, but I was sure I would help the team to get it. It was a feeling. The match was finishing when I hit that free kick and I thought the Lecce goalkeeper wouldn't get it. He did... I almost doubted my feeling..."

Ronaldinho continued: "When Pirlo hit a free kick, putting the ball in the area, I ran towards the ball and I almost didn't see Senderos coming fast and jumping in front of me. I was unbalanced, but I managed to reach the ball and it changed trajectory, outside the keeper's reach. GOOOOAAALLL!! Great joy!!! Also, to confirm my feelings, I gave Shevchenko a pass and he made a cross that Inzaghi didn't miss and he scored our second goal. The night ended exactly like I wanted and my return to Milan couldn't have been this perfect."

So, What is your next feeling Ronie?


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