Berlusconi: No names have been made for Milan's bench

The reports about AC Milan are still running especially rumours about the coach Carlo Ancelotti and thier attacking midfielder Ricardo Kaka's future.
Ancelotti is being linked to move to Chelsea and Kaka is being linked to move to Manchester United.

AC Milan president Silvio Berlusconi answered the rumours about the current coach Carlo Ancelotti's future and the president admits there's no names have been made for Milan's bench.

"I think the agreement between Ancelotti and Galliani is this: "We'll sit at a table at the end of the season to talk about the future. The way this season will end could influence the decisions that will be made. If Carlo should leave Milan? For now there hasn't been any discussion about this and no names have been made." Berlusconi told Sky Sport 24.

"I care a lot about Ancelotti and I'm sure he cares about me. Then, on the future we will decide in absolute agreement."

And about Kaka's rumour, AC Milan president Silvio Berlusconi admits he won't stand in Kaka's way should the Brazilian decide to leave.

Kaka is being linked with Manchester United and Berlusconi said: “Will Kaka stay? I hope so."

"I've already said and I continue to hope this comes true." Berlusconi continued.“You have all seen how we behave at Milan, we do not have the attitude of forcing our will on players.


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