I am Happy Here - Kaka

Milan - "As long as Milan and I have the same objectives, we will certainly come to an agreement," declared AC Milan Brazilian playmaker Ricardo Kaka to Milan Channel.

At the 'Sony' event on Thursday, Ricardo Kaka once again reiterated his attachment to Milan. The former 2007 World Player of the Year, have ever told he wanted to stay with Milan and had not been in contact with others club.

"At the moment my contract says enough, any other transfer news regarding me will be discussed by the club."

Kaka realizes that the decision doesn't depend on him but also with the club, if in the future the club receives other offers for him, it will be the club themselves who will say it. If they don't say anything it means there is no offer, his said.

"As for me, I'm happy here. In the future many things can happen, but it's difficult to imagine me not being at Milan."


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