David Beckham visits Stefano Borgonovo

At the afternoon after training, David Beckham along with Carlo Ancelotti pay visit Stefano Borgonovo. He took an interest in the former Rossonero's case, and asked to meet him. The former Milan striker, Borgonovo is suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a paralyzing illness.
Beckham and Borgonovo talked about his illness, and also about their respective football schools. Beckham's are based in London, Los Angeles, and another is being built in Brazil, while Borgonovo has one in his birth town of Giussano, where he also lives now.
44-year-old Borgonovo played for both Milan and Fiorentina during a long career, and even made it to the Italian national team for a brief period in the late 1980's.
On 8 October 2008 a friendly was organised by Milan and Fiorentina at the Artemio Franchi stadium, which saw a number of former stars of both clubs turn up, to raise awareness of his rare illness, which also killed another footballer, Gianluca Signorini, in 2002.
Borgonovo attended the match as well, in spite of his condition, and was accompanied by his former Fiorentina team mate Roberto Baggio.


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