Fighting until the end

The Rossoneri are disappointed about the defeat in the derby, but still satisfied about the team's performance. Aware of their own strength, they want to keep fighting until the end of the season.

"We are disappointed about the result because we could have easily caught Inter with the many chances we created. We come away with our heads held high because we showed that Milan play better football.
We conceded two goals in a slightly naive way, we suffered the physicality of Adriano and Ibrahimovic. But now we look forward. Certainly eleven points are a lot, but there's still a long way to go before the end and the important thing is to fight until the end. There are still many games missing, we will find a way to recover, we only have to try to do well like we did in the second half of this match. The draw would have been more right as a final result.
Inter are a physically strong team who don't have a linear style of play like we do. They have in their favor a consistency in their results, that is what's most worrying, let's hope they slow down a little."

"The league isn't finished for us. It's true that eleven points are a lot, let's be realistic, but we always have to aim high, then we'll see what happens. If they win the Scudetto, credit to them.
On Adriano's goal I think it's good to introduce the replays on the pitch so these situations can be evaluated.
During the season Inter have done better because they were more consistent, but in the direct encounters we are even. In the first match we won, now they have. Until now they have certainly done better in winning games that were easy on paper, unlike us."


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