In which the results are not in line with the performances

"In which the results are not in line with the performances." A piece of words by AC Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti at the end os Sampdoria-Milan 2-1. The Rossoneri did not play in an exceptional way, whereas In the first half Milan did not play quickly and the fact that they had just one attacker on the pitch penalized them in the offensive phase.

Sampdoria was successfulytook advantage from Milan, especially for the systematic fouls on Pato. Every time he started to run he was being stopped. They blocked him so not to allow him to gain speed. He suffered many evident fouls and was not protected at all.

"I’m sure that by working well, we can make it end soon, From this point of view it’s fundament to recover the injured players (let’s hope that next week will be decisive for Kaka and Ronaldinho) as well as winning next Sunday. The turning point will be after the match against Atalanta: there will be a battle, we will have to suffer, but afterwards things will surely improve.”

"For the Champions League there's us, Genoa, Fiorentina and Roma: we all start on the same level, But we have very good possibilities because we are ahead now and also with the recovery of the injured players, our results can only improve."


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