Joys and Regrets

The happiness is felt by AC Milan vice president Adriano Galliani to show the team collected a spectacular 5-1 victory over Torino at the San Siro. And no forget he admired the coach Ancelotti and whole the players.

"Tonight we feel many joys and regrets. We have scored more goals in Serie A than anyone and at home we are the best teams."

Galliani felt so proud to Filippo Inzaghi who made a hattrick but he also realized that Inzaghi is not young anymore and need to have an alternative to Pippo. He admited Pippo has extraordinary passions and motivation, but also has a certain age and he can't always play at these levels.

About Mathieu Flamini, Galliani said "I think that Flamini is a solution also for the right in the future."
And it just information, in the last few hours eve the match Favalli got hurt, there was a conversation between him and the coach about the possibility of Flamini playing on the right and Galliani tought that it was a good idea.

"In football you need to have courage and in that sense Ancelotti is very good."

And about the attending of Brazil coach Carlos Dunga, Galliani was so happy and declared "Between us and Brazil there are very good relations, Dunga went to the dressing room and considering he brought us luck he can come back anytime. He's a friend, there are no problems with him or doctor Runco.


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