David Beckham

England soccer legend Becks, 33 — on loan to AC Milan from LA Galaxy, David Beckham is like the king. Come in the Milan squads gets tour in Dubai, he must be guarded ultra tight. How could it be?. David Beckham certainly considered a celebrity and one of the most famous athletes in the world. However, even realizing that, he would be the target of a terrorist attack. As a member of his security team declared on "The Daily Star" - "This is a big headache for us and we are taking his visit as if he was a head of state. The security measures will be stepped up and we are concerned about public appearances for example when meeting fans or signing autographs. The fans want to meet Beckham and this is a great risk for us. The risk of an attack is potentially high."
And I wish it's just a issue and there would be nothing happen to him, we just wanna see that football are sport and art - no crime inside And not fair made someone as a target.


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