Maldini was still enjoy

The current season 2009 would be the last season for AC Milan captain Paolo Maldini. The age was not young anymore and He felt that his body would allow him to play at the highest level.
"In any case my physique is starting to creak and this is my last season, because after this season I don't think my body would allow me to play at the highest level."

He also shared one tip to another football players who wants career like him that each players have to be lucky not to get injuries.
"I was here because I was still able to enjoy myself. To have a career like mine you have to be lucky not to get injuries."

On Monday three days ago, Figc president Giancarlo Abete participated to Giacomo Bulgarelli's funerals at Bologna and during the ceremony he said:
"Paolo Maldini is the only Italian, along with Dino Zoff, who has received a special recognition from Fifa. Already a year ago there was talk of a goodbye match with the national team for Maldini. He deserves a special recognition for what he has given, but we will talk about it as soon as he officially quits."


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